Effects of winter on your garage door

Did your garage door freeze shut last winter?  If you live in a cold winter climate this is likely to be true for you.  If you think back to what happened to your garage door during that winter that it froze shut, do you remember how much you had to pay to have your garage door replaced?  It is likely that the majority of the people would answer this in a very angry tone and say that they had to pay a lot to repair their garage door after that nasty winter.

It is very common that a garage door freezes to the ground during the winter months.  The reason that this happens is because it may snow one day of the week, and then the next day the weather may reach temperatures to the point where the snow melts.  When the snow melts it creates water.  The trickling effect then continues to grow.  The melted water then ends up freezing again when it becomes night time.  Usually this melted water has been sitting at the bottom of the garage door where it is next to the ground.  This is the point where the water freezes and fuses the bottom of the garage door to the ground.

You can about image what will happen next.  If you guess damage to the garage door, you were correct!  The rubbing lining on the bottom of the garage door ends up tearing the next time that you try to open the garage door.  Now guess what you get to do, you have to get your garage door serviced.

pic3One thing that you could do to avoid this from happening in the winter is to not completely close your garage door.  It may be a good idea to keep a close eye on the weather channel.  When you notice that there will be a drop in temperature that will cause the snow to melt, keep your garage door open just enough so that the rubber bottom on the door does not touch the ground.  This could also lead to another garage door repair though if you are not careful about watching the changes in the weather.  If a large snow storm comes, the snow will most likely drift into your garage.  The higher the snow builds up the more there could be a buildup of pressure on your garage door.

If there is pressure on both sides of the garage door because of the snow drift that formed, the tracking of the garage door could be pushed off.  The winter months can always be the most challenging.  It is important that you avoid as many garage door complications as you can.  A garage door is something that can end up costing you a lot of money if you are not careful about it.  Colorado Garage Door is one company that you can reassure yourself that you will have a good experience with.  Prepare yourself for winter and make it one of your priorities to have your garage door serviced after winter.

A good dentist cares about your smile.

A persons smile is one of the first thing that you notice about someone. Maybe it’s that you notice they don’t really smile. Perhaps it’s that they have a really beautiful smile or you can tell they may not take really great care of their teeth. There is a lot of power and energy about teeth. Many people dream about their teeth falling out at night which is very dentistconnected to vanity and ego. There is a reason why that is and it is directly connected to how are teeth are super connected to how we present ourselves in the world. Good dental care is really important to how you feel about yourself as a person which of course directly affects how you feel about your relationships with people. It is very important for people’s self esteem to really take good care of their teeth. Good dental care is not something that should be taken lightly. There is a lot that goes into being kind to your smile and a good dentist is someone who will help you through your journey with your teeth and in turn your smile.

There are a lot of dentists out there and it can be hard to know which one will be the most trusted for you. It can be a very personal thing to go to a dentist and so you will want to pick one that feels the best and the safest to you. One that perhaps you can even keep going to throughout your entire life. That really makes a difference when it comes to dentistry. One dentist company that really cares about individuals and wants to keep you as their client for life is Willow Creek Dental in the Denver metro area. They serve Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch, CO. They specialize in Invisalign as well as general dentistry. They want you to love your smile and have committed to not judge you for anything that might be going on with your dental health. They care about you and definitely don’t see you as a number as many dentists do. They want you to feel comfortable being there and having all of the information you need to have around your dental care no matter what that is. It could be getting your teeth straight, getting a tooth pulled or having your general cleaning.

They are definitely a different kind of dentist office. They want you to come in to have a cup of coffee, listen to music and have a good conversation with someone. They care about your experience. They know a lot of people get stressed about going to the dentist and they want you to have an all around positive experience. That is why they will have you wanting to come back again and again. They believe in having one dentist for your life and they want to be that dentist for you. So if you live in Lone Tree and you are looking for a good dentist look no further than Willow Creek Dental.

One option to clear up your skin with essential oils

Having bad skin was always one of the worst things that I had to deal with growing up, I always felt embarrassed about it, even more so when my bad skin lasted into my early and then mid twenties when everyone else was far past the stage where this kind of thing happened. I was doing everything and looking for all sorts of products and spending lots of money and nothing worked. This is kind of where the internet can both help and hurt. There are so many suggestions online and I am going to assume that all of them are only trying to help but you never know. Plus, everyone’s skin works differently so what might work great for one person might not work for another. I know this so I am not saying that this will help everyone, it is just what helped me.

essential oilsThis whole thing kind of started by accident, I noticed that my skin got better when I was camping and I thought maybe it was being out of the city and all of the gross things in the air here. Turns out that was a bit of it but the biggest factor was that I was not washing my face all of the time when I was camping. All of the soaps and products that I found were pushing nuclear war on my skin and causing little blemishes to grow and become huge blemishes. So, I stopped washing my face which was a scary process, I was just waiting for my face to explode but it never happened. One thing I found to be helpful was a list of these natural anti bacterial like food things and essential oils. I had a set of a few essential oils from this online company Plant Therapy and so I looked and found the tea tree oil from the set. Now don’t get me wrong, tea tree oil is some harsh stuff, if it gets too close to your eyes it will burn a bit so you really do have to be careful. Tea tree oil essential oil kicks the butt of any bacteria though so after a few days of sporting the strong smell of tee tree essential oil anywhere I went I started to notice some serious difference. The spots on my face started to heal a lot quicker and more of their terrible friends were not popping up all over.

As I said before, different things work to different degrees for different people but after ten years of trying to find something that worked, this is the thing that I got the best results from and it costs me way less money than anything else. I stopped buying all of the soaps and whatever else and now I just buy more of my essential oils from Plant Therapy. If you just want to give it a quick try I think you should even be able to find tea tree oil in a pharmacy or normal shop.

A great industrial construction company receives a plethora of awards.

Turner Industries is an award winning industrial construction company that provides excellence in pipe fabrication, bolt torquing services and general industrial construction needs. One of the reason they have won so many awards is because they are a very unique company. They are privately owned and have been in business for over 50 years. But being privately owned hasn’t stopped them from being highly sought after in pipe fabricationtheir services. They are based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but have offices in Port Allen, Sulphur and New Orleans, Louisiana; Houston, Paris, Beaumont, and Corpus Christi, Texas and finally in Decatur, Alabama. With facilities reaching across most of the southern United States the reach of their services permeates throughout the entire nation and in fact even overseas. Their emphasis of client and employee safety and customer satisfaction sets them apart from other organizations. They are committed to knowing what the latest and greatest technologies are when it comes to the industrial construction and pipe fabrication fields. Always finding the safest, most efficient and affordable ways to get the job well done. They even track their successes and discoveries in a newsletter that you can sign up for on their website located under the News and Media tab.

Let’s take a moment and talk about the different awards that Turner Industries has been given.

1. In 2013 Engineering-News Record ranked them as the Louisiana and Texas contractor of the year which is a highly coveted and esteemed honor in the engineering world.

2. In 2012 Turner Industries was awarded the ABC National Excellence in Construction Eagle Award. This was an industrial award that was given $10 – $25 million for a Total Petrochemicals Expansion Project.

3. In 2012 Turner Industries was awarded another ABC award but this time it was a Pelican Chapter Excellence in Construction Award. The same monetary value and project and expansion was applied.

4. Again in 2012 they were awarded the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers 33 Meritorious Safety Awards including 2 site in Alabama, 1 site in Illinois, 1 site in Kentucky, 23 sites in Louisiana and 6 sites in Texas.

5. In 2012 they were awarded the Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award (CISE).

6. In 2012 they were awarded the Constructions Users Roundtable Workforce Development Award.

7. Their final award in 2012 was the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance Award. There were four different subcategories of this award including two first place prizes, one second place prize and one award of recognition.

8. In 2010 they were awarded the ABC Houston Business Excellence Award in the industrial category. They were given the Circle of Merit Award.

9. Their final award that is listed on their website is the 2010 Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana Award. This award was for Best In Class Safety Award for Contractor Safety Performance.

As you can see there are many reasons that Turner Industries should be awarded. With their emphasis on safety, customer satisfaction and innovation they are widely recognized as one of the best in their business. It is certain that this list of awards will continue to grow as Turner Industries continues to be one of the best industrial construction companies there is.

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Detailing the process of cannabis testing.

When you think about the potency of marijuana, if you that is something that you have ever thought about, you may not consider the extensive process that goes into it. There are various reasons why someone would want to test their crop. There are many people who use marijuana for medical purposes and there are different properties of the cannabis cannabis testing plant that affect your overall health in different ways. With cannabis testing you are able to see the potency of the various elements of cannabis so as to make sure everyone has complete knowledge of the medicine that they are partaking in.

CannLabs is a marijuana testing company that provides various services to ensure the safety of marijuana use in a recreational and primarily a medical setting. They are transparent about their marijuana testing process. There are various steps involved in offering their expertise to dispensaries and medical professionals.

The first step involved in testing the potency of cannabis is getting the sample checked into the lab. They have a safe and streamlined process that gets all product into the lab labeled correctly and safely.

Once they have the product checked in they photograph the product. Marijuana can take different forms depending on the strain it is and of course how it was grown. Taking a photo of the product provides documentation and also couples as a means for greater research and development on the cannabis front.

After the photograph, the product is weighed for analysis. As many people know, the weight of marijuana is how it is measured. This provides additional documentation so CannLabs can gather as much information about the product as possible.

Then they place the product on the Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) for analysis. The UPLC method allows for a more precise level of determining the different aspects of the cannabis plant. This works better than gas chromatography (GC) which was has been used historically with cannabis testing. The UPLC provides exact measurements of cannabis levels.

After they have tested the product with the UPLC they then upload all of the information onto their computer data base and workflow software to easily share information with whoever needed the cannabis tested.

In the final stages they have a lab director approve all of the results to ensure that the process come together as intended.

Finally the client will get an email notification that the process of cannabis testing has come to an end.

Through their streamlined efforts and their cunning cannabis science knowledge CannLabs is able to provide folks with the most accurate testing results around. If you are looking for THC testing that is reliable and efficient then CannLabs is a company that you can trust. They provide their client with exact measurements of the various components of the cannabis. They believe in people making the most informed decisions about the product that they sell and purchase. As it is important for the different ingredients of food to be listed on the package, so it is important for your marijuana.


Discover How Replacing Your Windows Can Significantly Change Your View

Planning renovations for your home will take great decision-making as well as a clear vision in your head. In addition, a homeowner needs to ensure they have the right budget planned out to make all the necessary renovations to bring your home altogether in the way you want it. However, it seems many homeowners figure they need to save up their entire budget before they can start their project. Unknowingly, you can begin your project by starting with one project at a time – working your budget up to the next renovation as you get the one done.

Windows Will be A Priority

Cosmetic damages to a house are considered anything visible. The outside of your home is visible to everyone and when it is damaged on the outside, the damage will begin to seep inside your home. Getting your windows and side panels fixed and replaced to fit the overall design for your home will be a priority. Replacing windows may also take cutting or patching up the hole to make it the perfect fit for the windows you want.

Due to this, the damage including dust and debris that will occur inside the house will be quite abundant. You want to avoid getting your new purchased items on the inside damaged, so working on the outside first will prevent you from ruining the items on the inside. At least if the dust and debris gets over the parts of the home you want to dredge up and replace, it will make it less hectic if anything happens to it.

Get an Estimate with Your Windows and Panels before Moving Further

It is important that you get an estimate from whomever you decide to hire. You want to ensure that you have the right budget set aside for the project, this way you will not owe the contractor any money. However, remember that an estimate just gives you an approximation of the total cost, so save up $1,000 or 10% (whichever is higher) more than the estimate.

Choose a Trustworthy Contractor

One of the most vital things in part of your home renovations is that you need to ensure that you have a contractor who you can thoroughly trust with all your needs. Contractors are in abundance, so you want to hire a company or independent contractor who has good recommendations and has a great portfolio. Look at the work they have done and see if you can find customer reviews on the web.

In addition, ensure that the contractor has liability insurance. You want to make sure they have insurance because, otherwise, a contractor can sue you for injuries occurred on the job while at your house. The upsetting part, many contractors get away with it and you will owe a lot more money to that contractor that you could have imagined with the work. Avoid making mistakes and hire a person who has the right documentation and skill work to complete the window and panel renovations easily.

Lifetime Windows & Siding

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A Healthcare Marketing Agency Deals Only with Healthcare Clients.

healthcare marketingHealthcare is like any other industry, insofar as marketing is of the utmost importance to success, regardless of how excellent your practice is.  That is why it is necessary to hire a healthcare marketing agency, to help organize and execute your marketing strategies.  A healthcare marketing agency deals only with healthcare clients, so they are better suited to marketing medical practices in a way that is fine-tuned to their field.  Though there are certainly some universal truths, when it comes to marketing, there is never one universal approach that is ideal for every type of business.  That is why it is always necessary to come up with a marketing strategy that is specifically designed to benefit your practice.

Today, in the medical industry, as in virtually every other industry, the internet has become a vital tool.  Each day, countless individuals, in the United States, use the internet to access  medical information or to find local medical practices.  For these reasons, an internet-based approach to marketing is necessary, if you want your practice to become well-known, within your community.  Having an internet-based approach includes having an excellent professional website and enabling people to find it easily, online, through the use of online strategies, like search engine optimization and pay per click, or PPC advertising.

Firstly, of course, though, you need a website.  Your website should be highly professional and easy to use, since websites are often the first means by which your patients will interact with your practice.  If they get a negative impression, right away, they are unlikely to select your practice, for their medical needs.  Because of the importance of online professionalism, you need to make sure your marketing agency deals with healthcare website design.  Having an outside company, that specializes in web design and marketing, create your site is in your best interest.  The better the impression made by your site, the more likely potential patients are to choose your clinic or practice.  In addition to just being knowledgeable about web design, the marketing agents must also have knowledge of medical care, since that is the subject matter of your site.  Part of the professionalism will come from having extensive knowledge of your practice’s field.

This is also why investing in search engine optimization, or SEO strategies is so important.  SEO has to do with web content.  Specifically, it involves catering your web content to what people are likely to search for, during search engine searches.  By carefully choosing your words, you can drastically increase the chances that your site will pop up in a search, simply because people tend to search for certain phrases, when they need certain services.  While this may seem very simple, it can be trickier than you may think.  Healthcare SEO can only be effective if the content is intelligent and natural.  If the content is forced, and the words or phrases are inserted in a way that is unnatural, the strategy will not have the desired effect.  Like with anything else related to marketing, the details are important.

Five reasons why commercial remodeling would be a good investment for your business

Remodeling a commercial building can be beneficial to a business on many different levels. Listed below are ten reasons why commercial remodeling would be a good investment for your business. commercial remodeling

  1. Modernizing a commercial building can increase the aesthetics of the building and attract more customers. For example, an outdated restaurant with great food may sway consumers to a more modern and updated restaurant with mediocre food. If the outdated restaurant made some cosmetic changes or revamped the entire interior, then they would attract more business. This also includes the exterior remodel of a building. That same restaurant could have a modernized interior and great food, but doesn’t attract new consumers on the basis that it has an ugly outdated sign.
  2. Going green is not only an environmentally friendly trend but also can save businesses money in various ways. For example, installing solar panels onto a commercial building can lower utility bills by using the sun’s natural energy. Even simply upgrading windows and doors can save on utilities by providing better insulation. There are energy efficient ways to remodel a commercial bathroom such as low-flow toilets, aerators, hand dryers, waterless urinals, motion sensors for lights and valves that control water flow.
  3. It would improve employee morale. Commercial remodeling to modernize an office can include painting the walls, changing the lighting system, creating open workspaces instead of cubicles, etc. All of these changes can improve employee morale and productivity. Also, by adding a yoga room or fitness center to a commercial building would also increase productivity for employers as a healthy mind is a sharp mind. Updating the windows on a building is another commercial remodeling idea that would improve employee morale. By adding more windows or updating the ones already in the building, a business could remove the overhead florescent lights and let natural light flow into the office.
  4. You could create the space you want for your clients by making it more inviting. Walking into a spa that doesn’t make you feel relaxed will not entice you to go back. Remodeling the building to create a serene and calm space, changing the lighting, flooring, etc., will create the space that clients are looking to walk into. The same can be said for remodeling a waiting room in a doctor’s office. A modern and comfortable waiting room that is aesthetically pleasing will be more attractive to patients than one that is cold and cluttered.
  5. A clean working environment is a productive work environment. Remodeling a business can help to remove unnecessary clutter from an office space or business. This can involve converting offices into open-air workstations, removing old flooring, remodeling the ceilings, and updating the bathrooms and kitchen facilities. By removing this clutter, employees, clients and consumers can walk into a clean, modern and more inviting environment.

These five ways are just a few of the many ways of why remodeling a business can improve productivity, increase sales and be an overall better investment on your company. Businesses such as Gregor Industries can help with commercial remodeling. Check out their website at www.gregorindustries.com.

Can Adults Still Wear Braces?

A lot of people today wear braces not just to have better teeth but it has become a fashion statement. Whereas years back people were embarrassed to be seen wearing one, currently it is something that people brag about. In the field of orthodontics, this treatment method is done to help correct and straighten the teeth. In most cases the orthodontist would say that the best time to have braces in during one’s teenage years as it is still easier to make any changes to the teeth. Does this mean then that adults are not allowed to have one? The short answer is, of course not.



Remember that the main reason why this treatment method is recommended is that it can help with dental issues and it is never too late to undergo such treatment. Usually adults that need to wear are those that were not able to receive such treatment when they were still children. As a result they likely face dental issues like crooked or crowded teeth, overbites or incorrect position of the jaw. If such conditions remain untreated these can lead to a wide number of complications like tooth decay, gum diseases, or even speaking issues.

The main different between treating adults and teenagers is the length of time needed to wear one. While the type of problem is indeed one of the factors, the fact that the adult teeth have already stopped growing means that more time is needed to fix the problem. On the average, a teenager will need to wear braces between 1 to 2 years. After which he or she will be required to wear retainers to ensure that the teeth are indeed aligned. For adults the time needed is around 1-1/2 to 3 years. It maybe longer yes, but the results are the same nevertheless. They would still need to wear retainers after as with teenagers.

In order to know if you need to wear one you need to consult with your dentist. However remember that this is a specialized skill thus not all dentists may be able to perform the procedure. To be safe it is better to ask if they offer orthodontics for adults. Garrett Orthodontics in Mount Pleasant, SC for instance offers such services. What this tells us is that while a dentist can help us with different dental issues, an orthodontist is someone that can help us with getting the perfect teeth. If you are an adult then all the more you need a specialist for the job.

Remember that wearing one is not just about getting that perfect teeth though it can of course boost your self-confidence. It is also about fixing dental problems so that you won’t have to face bigger ones down the line. Be sure to consult with specialists like Garrett Orthodontics to know if you really need to have one or not. You can schedule a free consultation with them through their website at http://www.garrettsmiles.com/

It is never too late to have that perfect smile so go out there and learn if you can do so by having braces.


Denver marketing solutions

Have you ever taken a moment to sit down and think about what marketing is?  However, marketing is something that is very important to a lot people when it comes to their businesses and what their public image is.  No one wants to have everyone in their communities look at them as a bad person.  Everyone wants to be liked, and if there was something in the past that has caused a lot of people to not like you then there is something that needs to be done about it.  You may get to the moment where you will feel like there is nothing else that you can do in order to bring your public relations back to a positive image.  One thing that you should take special note of is that this is not the end of the world.  There are things that you can do about this in order to bring your public relations image back up to where you would like it to be.

There are many different companies out on the market that specialize in building up peoples public relations.  Even if you have an entire company that is being drowned with bad reviews to make the public eye see it as a bad company, there is a company that specializes in Denver marketing solutions.  They will be able to bring up the public relations to a positive one, whether it is for an individual person or if it is for a company.  The great thing about Denver marketing options is that they have the capability of building up the public relations for more than one of your businesses, or even more than one individual person.  If you will give them the job to handle any public relations issues, they will do their part and make sure that you are able to see a success in their stories and in the work that they will do for you.

A great asset that a Denver marketing firm will be able to bring to the table is that they will have a variety of people that are working on one particular case.  There are many different benefits that can come about from something such as this.  Usually every individual that is involved with the case will come from a slightly different background, as well as a different level of experience.  There will be a unique mixture of trained professionals that will be able to put all of their different experiences and backgrounds together in order to build you one of the best and most substantial public relations images.  You will be completely shocked when you find out how they have been able to change your life, and the lives of those who were effected by your business.  It is very important that the Denver marketing firm will keep a well-organized plan put together to make sure that everyone is getting their desired outcomes.  The public relations project would not be complete without everyone who is involved being completely satisfied.

Many factors impact the playing time of a vinyl record.

When it comes to a vinyl record, there are any number of additional factors that tend to impact the recording time of the record. Everything from the disc size to the groove spacing to the turntable that the record is playing on can have an impact on the way that the recording sounds and the way that the recording is formatted. There are a lot of things that make this happen, and the great music industry experiments have been to find the ideal format to make records as useful and as powerful as possible. Indeed, this hashttp://www.soundstagedirect.com been the big question that plagued the music industry until they came up with the right formula and set up for these materials. Working out the details of the disc size and recording time gave the architects of these discs as well as the record players they played on a lot to work with in order to come up with the most ideal set up of all the options. For this reason, a lot of tweaks and additions were necessary along the way. The earliest recording formats for discs- though these were largely toy disks- were five inches in diameter, though by 1910 the ten inch record was the most popular and became the standard for a little while. This record held about three minutes of music per side. After this time, the 12 inch record became the most popular, however the increase in the amount of music played on the disc was not proportionate to the increased size. These discs that were twelve inches in diameter only had four to five minutes of music per side. There was an eight inch disc that became popular in Britain for about a decade, but the tone arm of most modern record players cannot play far enough towards the center on these discs for them to be played on modern equipment.

These disc sizes, it seems, did not have a signifiant impact on the playing time a record was capable of. The playing time of a record instead depended on groove spacing rather than the size of the disc itself, though certainly a larger disc meant more room for grooves and therefore more music. The 12 inch disc early on could only hold about three and a half minutes of music per side, hence most popular music of the time fitted itself to that standard, a standard we have moved away from in recent years since digital recording options offer no such limits to the recordings. These limitations were all due to the size of the grooves as well as the material used to create these records, as the popular shellac option simply did not cut it when it came to larger grooves. The advent of vinyl records meant microgroove options to expand the total record time to about forty five minutes; it is easy to see how vinyl records and microgrooves really changed music in terms of the capabilities of recording options. This is truly the moment that set music on the right track towards the popular music we know today.

A Contractor Marketing Agency Provides Marketing Services for Private Construction Contractors.

contractor marketingThough marketing is incredibly important, in any field, there is no across the board approach that is acceptable, for marketing every business imaginable.  This is why good marketing agencies have to take a specialized approach, for each company, in order to achieve the best results.  Everything from the size of the company, to the type of city or town, in which it is operating, comes into play when determining the best way to market a business.  Another factor that determines your marketing strategy is the field, in which your business is involved.  In fact, this aspect is so important that there are entire marketing agencies that specifically deal with businesses, within one specific field.  A contractor marketing agency, for example, provides marketing services for private construction contractors.  There are many ways in which marketing a contractor is different from marketing other businesses, and it is important for a construction marketing agent to be aware of these differences.  Among other things, a construction marketing agency, needs to be able to apply knowledge that is specific to the business of private contractors.

When it comes to private contractors, and indeed every other business, you need to be available online.  In fact, people performing internet searches is one of the most common ways in which local businesses are discovered.  By having a strong online presence, you are far more likely to gain contractor leads than you would be, without good online publicity.  First and foremost, you need a good contractor website, which requires a contractor website design expert.  Good marketing agencies, today, typically invest most of their effort in online marketing, which can include website design.  Having a good website necessitates hiring an agency, with expertise in website design, but, as you know, they also need to employ personnel with, at least basic knowledge of your business’s specific operations and intentions.  In general, a good website needs to be informative enough that people are not likely to have many questions, and helpful enough that they can easily contact you.  Finally, it should appear professional and should be engaging to your potential clients, so they are likely to develop a good impression of your business, when they do come across it.

That being said, getting them to come across it is one of the biggest challenges, of all.  In order to allow people to easily access your company website, you must understand how people generally find websites.  Search engines are the most common way in which people look up local business information, so the best way to get people to find your website is to get your website to appear frequently in search engine searches.  You can control this factor by employing a strategy, known as search engine optimization, or SEO, which is becoming an increasingly major aspect of online marketing.  Simply by utilizing certain phrases, which are most likely to appear in a people’s searches, you can massively increase the odds that your business’s website will appear, before those of your competitors.  For that reason, you cannot afford to neglect to invest in contractor SEO services.

Food that athlete Michael Phelps has endorsed

athlete marketing Michael Phelps is a famous Olympian swimmer. He holds the record for having the most Olympic gold medals. He has 18 gold medals and a total of 22 medals from the Olympics. He won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics alone! He is a strong and sturdy athlete who has been swimming since he was seven years old. He is a tall man, reaching 6 feet and 4 inches and weighs in at 194 lbs.

His stroke specialties include the backstroke, butterfly, freestyle and individual freestyle. In order to stay in avid Olympian shape, Michael Phelps must fuel his body with food throughout the day. Before the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps had a very memorable article that showed a picture of everything that he ate in one day. It was a lot of food for one person to eat in one day. But that is why he is an Olmpian. He spends most of his days working out, lifting weights and swimming laps.

Listed below are foods that athlete Michael Phelps as endorsed in his 12,000 calorie per day diet athletic training diet.

  1. Eggs – Michael Phelps eats many fried egg sandwiches in the morning as part of his enormous breakfast. He has stated as many as three fried egg sandwiches.
  2. Chocolate Chips – He eats at least three chocolate chip pancakes in the morning.
  3. Pancakes – Three! He eats three chocolate chip pancakes in the morning!
  4. French Toast – On top of his three chocolate chip pancakes, Michael Phelps also includes three pieces of French Toast in his Olympic diet.
  5. Grits – Breakfast still isn’t over! He also eats grits. Let’s recap his breakfast. Three fried egg sandwiches, three chocolate chip pancakes, three pieces of French Toast and grits. That is a lot for one meal!
  6. Pasta – He claims to eat an entire bag of pasta for lunch.
  7. Ham and Cheese – He also eats three huge ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch
  8. Pizza – Michael Phelps has claimed to eat an entire pizza for dinner after his enormous other two meals for the day.
  9. Energy drinks – He also says that he chugs enormous amounts of energy drinks for lunch and dinner.

As for athlete endorsements for actual companies rather than foods, Michael Phelps endorsed Subway for a while until he actually tried one of the sandwiches. He had endorsed the company for some time without trying their product. In 2012, he released a press release stating that he tried Subway for the first time and would no longer endorse them or their product.

Michael Phelps does have many other athlete endorsements that he fully supports such as Louis Vuitton, Under Armour, Visa, Hilton and Proctor and Gamble. It is also reported that he endorses Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes.

Michael Phelps is definitely a hearty eater and can pack away a lot of calories. He is also an Olympian swimmer who spends most of his day in a pool swimming laps. By no means does this mean that this diet should be followed by the general non-Olympian public nor should anyone consume as many as 12,000 calories per day!

Home loans can get gotten if you have bad credit.

One of the most important things to keep in mind, if you are looking to get a new house is that you can still do so with bad credit on your record.  There are a number of changes to the financial system since the crash of 2008 and one of the big changes is that it reorients many of the policies to benefit regular people.  This change has come about because it allows for people like you and others to get a loan even if they have bad credit. This is because the government has acknowledged that a number of the regular homeowners out there were the ones that were affected by this crash.  As a result, there are programs to help people get back on their feet and into the home of their dreams.

bad credit home loansGovHomeLoans.org for example is there to pair individuals and families with financial advisors to ensure that you get the one on one attention that you need, so that you can overcome any kind of financial difficulty with debit.  One of the ways that they are able to do this is through a debt alleviation plan.  They work with your creditors to talk down your debt and figure out a way that you can pay it off either immediately or over the course of a few years.  This is a dramatic difference where declaring bankruptcy was the only way out before.  Now, you can pretty much just stop paying.  That was a joke, do not stop paying. Nevertheless, many of the programs right now are very popular because with the low interest rates that are available, people are out and getting home loans. These loans are much like regular loans, although they do have insurance that you have to pay on the loans.  That is minimal though and a great way to agree to some initial steps before you go out and get a home.

One of the best things that you can do before going in to talk with your financial advisor is to firm up your credit.  There are a couple of easy steps that you can take.  The first would be to make sure that you are on time with your bills. Doing so will allow for you to pay off what you need to and prioritize your credit cards.  Next would be to only use the credit cards that you have a huge limit on.  This will appear to the creditors that you have the ability to show self restraint and you will not be out there spending all of the money.  The other thing to keep in mind is that you will be able to adjust down your debt, if necessary.  Working with a government backed loan program will help you get that home loan. They have done amazing things for many families and yours will be the next in line to get into your new home that you love.  It is a great feeling and absolutely a fulfilling one to get your own place.


Make sure you account for the event photographer when wedding planning

Event planning is a popular industry, and one that has recovered nicely from the recession. Successful event planners are in high demand, and those who become famous for doing events such as a celebrity’s wedding are almost impossible to book. Even if they are available, their price is typically out of the range of most of our budgets. However, a successful event planner recently sat down with us and let us in on a few of the secrets to her success. Some of these might be exactly what you expect, and others might come as a big surprise! If you are getting ready to plan a big event, keep reading for some helpful hints and tips from a professional.

  • Be clear about your budget up front. Whether you are planning a wedding, a retirement party, or any number of other events, the budget is the single most important decision you will have to make about the event. It will define where you hold the event, how many people you invite, and which vendors you select.
  • Draw portrait photographerup a guest list early on, so you have a sense of how many people you are working with before booking any of your other vendors, including venue. Depending on the event, there will always be a certain percentage of people who do not come. For example, consider that your average wedding has somewhere around a 25% attrition rate. However, the office holiday party is usually pretty well attended. Do a little research online, ask for RSVPs by a certain date, and work from assumptions that are on the safe side. If it turns out that a week before the event you have 20% fewer people than you thought, call your food and alcohol vendors and ask for a revised contract. Typically at least a week’s notice is required, but sometimes they can bring down the cost at least a little bit.
  • Do not forget the event photographer. Whether you hire a professional, such as Colorado Visions, or you are on a tight budget and have a photography student take the pictures, you want to be sure that the moments are captured. There are certain events where you simply need a professional commercial photographer, such as weddings, but there are events such as office parties where you do not need to go all out. You still want to be sure that there are plenty of people taking pictures, but you can spend your money elsewhere.
  • Make sure that invitations are clear about attire, RSVP by date, and whether alcohol and food are being served. If you are serving alcohol, you must also serve food, but that can vary from appetizers to full course meals depending on the event. If it is a cash bar, or only partially an open bar, you will want to make that distinction as well. If children are not allowed, you need to specify on the invitation. Otherwise the assumption is that they are always allowed, so be clear about that in the beginning to avoid any awkwardness later on.

How to become a Web Site Designer

The decision to become a website designer is a good one as it is a rapidly growing career field as everything has moved online nowadays. It is important to have a creative mind and computer knowledge when deciding to go into the field of web design. Listed below are five steps to take to launch a career in web development and website designweb site designer

  1. The first step is to obtain schooling to become a website designer. This is not required, and there are many self-taught web designers and developers. However, it is an important step in learning the different programs, coding techniques and design aspects of the job. There are a wide variety of ways to obtain schooling in web design. For example, you can get a Bachelor’s degree in web design, an Associate’s degree in web graphic design, or a certification in web design. If you choose to bypass the expenses of schooling and teach yourself how to be a website designer, there are many online tutorials that you can use to learn computer programming and design software techniques.
  2. Whether you choose to do this via schooling or choose to teach yourself, the next step is to learn the software involved in the field of website design and development. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are two of the most important software programs to learn in the beginning. A lot of website designers are also well-versed in Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Dreamweaver. These programs take time to learn and to perfect your design skills using them, so if you don’t learn how to use these during schooling, then take a class or tutorial on these programs.
  3. Learning computer programming techniques is the next step to becoming a website designer. These techniques include basic HTML script, Javascript, Flash, and CSS. There are online tutorials for learning these techniques as well as classes.
  4. Set up your own website. After learning the basic computer programming techniques and the appropriate software, practice your new skills by building your own website. This will put your new knowledge to use and help you apply your knowledge in a real-life setting. This can also help develop the design process of building a website and creating the aesthetics of how you want to display your website.
  5. Continue learning and gain experience by working with other designers. After setting up your website, it can also be helpful to work with other web designers or do an internship with one to gain more experience and get feedback. It is also helpful to take on projects for friends and family to gain more experience and build up your design portfolio. The profession of website design and website development is constantly evolving and new techniques and scripts come out regularly. It is important to constantly stay on top of where the industry is going and learning new software and design techniques.

Becoming a website designer is a great idea for those with an eye for design and are interested in digital graphic design techniques. It is a great career for job security as the web is growing more and more everyday!

Ten ways that celebrities make appearances

Celebrities make appearances for numerous reasons. Most of these reasons involve marketing. This could mean marketing for the celebrity, marketing for an event, marketing for a product or marketing for a movie, television show, music video, new album, etc. Listed below are ten ways that celebrities make appearances and endorsementscelebrity marketing

  1. On a red carpet. This type of celebrity appearance gives a lot of exposure. Walking the red carpet can be a very fancy event, such as the Grammys or Emmys or a casual event. Regardless of the type of event, an appearance on a red carpet is heavily photographed and appears in a ton of media afterwards.
  2. At an event. Celebrities will often make appearances at an event to help promote the event. This can include events such as charity events, luncheons, and parties hosted by a company.
  3. At a sporting event. Celebrities often have floor seats at basketball games, for example, and are heavily photographed during these games. These appearances can be done for many reasons, product placement, clothing product marketing, and celebrity marketing.
  4. At a club. Celebrities are often paid by clubs to appear and dance on stage or in the DJ booth. They can be paid a lot for this as the club uses their name to drive club goers into that particular club for the evening. This type of celebrity appearance provides the opportunity for clubs to ample amount of marketing, whether through flyers but even more effectively through online social media.
  5. At a particular store. Celebrity endorsements at certain boutique stores or larger stores can boost sales and increase exposure to that store and their brand. The Kardashian sisters promote their own store, Dash, by making regular appearances there and integrating into the story line of their reality television show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.
  6. On television shows. This is done both on reality shows, late night talk shows, daytime talk shows as well as television series. George Clooney may go on Conan to promote his new movie. This appearance is marketed by Conan’s marketing team and drives more viewers to that episode of his show. Taylor Swift may appear on an episode of Modern Family. This appearance can be done to market both the celebrity as well as the television show.
  7. In movies. A famous and popular singer, such as Rihanna, can make an appearance in a movie. This celebrity appearance could include Rihanna appearing as herself in the movie or as Rihanna playing a character in the movie.
  8. Speaking engagements. Celebrities appear at speaking engagements such as college graduations in order to influence the crowd and also market the school.
  9. Private performances. Celebrities also make appearances to give private performances. These can include bands, singers, and musicians but also comedians as well.
  10. Birthday parties. Nothing is more cool then to have a large and lavish sweet 16 party and to have a cool celebrity make an appearance. Celebrities make appearances at birthday parties of both young and old. Imagine if Snoop Dogg showed up to your 21st birthday part and serenaded you on stage?

These were ten ways of how celebrities make appearances to promote themselves or another brand, product or business.

Upholstery cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore!

While most people think to get their carpets cleaned regularly, not everyone thinks to make sure that their upholstery is afforded the same luxury and kindness. Indeed, this is big shame because your upholstery gets just as dirty as your carpet. Think of all thehttp://www.chemdrysalem.com/salem.or times you sneeze while sitting on the couch, or eat a meal and drop crumbs next to you. What about your children jumping up onto the couch with dirty shoes? Or your pet putting his or her dirty paws on the couch? You get the idea; cleaning your upholstery is an important part of keeping your home clean and your family healthy! But cleaning the upholstery in your home feels so much more difficult than getting your carpets cleaned, for whatever reason. Perhaps it is the feeling that you will not be able to sit on your couch for a while if you get it cleaned or that it will be very costly to go through the process of cleaning your couch. The reality is that it is a worthwhile expenditure and slight inconvenience to get rid of potentially dangerous dirt and dust particles accumulating in your couch. Making a bold step to clean your couch is a great way to ensure that your home is fresh in every way!

The easiest way to make sure your upholstery is cleaned appropriately is to work with Chem-Dry of Salem and their patented carbonated upholstery cleaning system to rid your furniture of those nasty particles that are keeping it dirty. The secret to the Chem-Dry system is really no secret at all. They make use of carbonation for lifting dirt and soil and other residues off the surface of your upholstery. The idea is similar to using carbonated water to clean a mess off your shirt at a dinner party. With this powerful mechanism at your back, it is easier than ever to lift dirt off the surface of the upholstery and suck it away with Chem-Dry’s excellent cleaning systems. The great part about this cleaning system is that it is non-toxic, so it is safe to use on the upholstery that you sit on, day in and day out.  Not only can your fabrics stay cleaner and your atmosphere healthier, but you do not have to worry about toxins leftover on the fabric after the cleaners leave.

The most important thing to remember before working on any cleaning project is simply that your health and your safety matter. You should never be forced to comprise and work with a cleaning system that does not put your health and safety first. Indeed, that is perhaps the best part about working with a Chem-Dry system; you know that your health and the overall cleanliness of your home are two top priorities in the cleaning process. You will not be forced to deal with chemicals in order to get the clean you are looking for. Instead, you can trust that your upholstery will be cleaned naturally with the power of a system that thinks past chemicals and looks to the power of nature.

There are Eight Reasons That You Should Have Laser Hair Removal

There are many reasons to get laser hair removal. If you have considered it but have not come to the point of actually making the decision to go for it, you might want to consider these reasons.

  1. You are tire of shaving your legs. You have done it most of your life on a daily or every other day basis and you don’t want to have to keep doing it. You imagine what it would be like to have smooth legs every single day and never having to shave again.
  2. You are tired of the unwanted facial hair. This has been an embarrassment to you for a good part of your life. You usually wax it but it is a constant chore. If you forget to remove it, you notice people staring at the hair as it starts to grow out while they are talking to you. You may have forgotten about it, but the people talking with you have not.
  3. Your underarm hair is hard to shave and it seems to grow back so quickly. If you forget to shave you have the worry of raising your arm without thinking about it and having others notice it. As you have gotten older, the underarm hair seems stiffer, thicker and harder to shave.
  4. Your bikini line is always a problem, especially in the summer. You are constantly having to worry about any hair falling out of your swimsuit and it is terribly embarrassing.
  5. If you are a male, you hate having such a hairy back. You are tired of having to have others help you with shaving this area. It is ugly, unsightly and you are wanting to get rid of it for good.
  6. Once you have this hair removal procedure done with laser hair removal, you won’t have to shave or wax again.
  7. You won’t have to worry about the embarrassment of unwanted hair in places that it shouldn’t be. You are too old to keep worry about this sort of thing.
  8. You deserve to give yourself the gift of laser hair removal. You will never be sorry that you did.

These are all good reasons to give yourself this wonderful gift of having unwanted hair removed permanently. It’s never too late to have laser hair removal. If you are young, just think of all the years that you have left to have to shave. Or you can look at it another way. laser hair removalIf you have the procedure done, think of all the years that you don’t have to shave. Why not have it done while you are young and enjoy years of hair free legs, underarms, and bikini line.

Rocky Mountain Laser is the place that you will want to go to have your laser hair removal done. When having a procedure like this you will want to make sure that you get an expert who is certified and has experience. They have the best professionals in the business and you can trust your business to them.

How to find the perfect wedding venue.

chateaux at foxYour wedding day is likely a day that you have dreamt about since you were a little girl. Many women have had the details of their wedding day planned out since before they even met their groom! That is nothing to be embarrassed about, many women have dreamt about their wedding days for many years. When it comes to planning a wedding there are so many details to consider and so much planning that goes in to the big day. After finding your groom, the next step in planning your special day is to find the perfect wedding venue. Your wedding venue is the place where your wedding reception and/or ceremony will be held. Some couples will have their wedding ceremony in a church or other location and then will travel to the wedding venue for their reception. Many couples these days are choosing to host their wedding reception and wedding ceremony in the same place. This can help to cut down on travel costs, venue costs, time, and planning. Finding the perfect wedding venue for your special day is no easy task. Before choosing your venue it is important that the bride and groom sit down together to discuss their personal preferences as well as their budget. The best type of wedding venue is one that the bride and groom have agreed upon together.

The Chateaux at Fox is one of the premier wedding venues in Denver, Colorado. Their friendly and professional staff has more than fourteen years of experience in the wedding planning industry and are excited to help you make your wedding day the fairy tale that you imagined it would be. The Chateaux at Fox is a family owned and operated wedding venue business that has hosted thousands of weddings since their opening in 1998. The Chateaux at Fox offers a variety of different packages in order to meet the needs of their brides and grooms from all over the country. Below is a list of some of the top reasons why you should choose the Chateaux at Fox as your wedding venue.

1. Base Price

The facility fee for the Chateaux at Fox includes a great deal in their base price. This means no hidden fees or surprise service charges. When you discuss your budget, the Chateaux will what they promised.

2. Privacy

The Chateaux at Fox is a private facility, which means that when you choose The Chateaux as your wedding venue you will be assured that your special day is the top priority. There will be no other events on the property to coincide with your big day.

3. Affordable alcohol options

The Chateaux at Fox offers a wide variety of bar and alcohol options that can meet the needs of a variety of couples.

4. Lots of options

When you choose The Chateaux at Fox for your special day you will receive a great deal of options in terms of your budget. This family owned and operated business is willing to work with you financially in order to ensure that your special day will be everything that you imagined it to be without breaking your budget.