There are a ton of glass pipes in Colorado.

Colorado seems to be on the vanguard of just about everything in the country and its drug policy seems to be a symbol of that.  In November of 2012, the state legalized marijuana for all users over the age of 21.  Based off of a package that allowed for a large portion of the sales to be taxed, with many of those taxes going to schools, the industry is now thriving in the state.  As a result, many secondary industries have followed the pioneer drug stores.  It is a very interesting premise and one that promises to be a model for the rest of the country.

Blown Glass GiftsIt is difficult to go to a concert or an outdoor venue and not have a person walked up to you with an open brief case and try to sell you blown glass pipes. These pipes are all interesting and pretty good looking as they are very unique.  Each and every one of them is hand blown by mouth and this allows for them all to develop their own color schemes and patterns.  The makers have very interesting abilities and can turn these pipes into pieces of artwork.  And that is just the pipes that are be totted around in the park before a concert or up at Red Rocks before a show.  Outside of these areas and in the head shops around town, you will be able to find many different smoking accessories for all of your smoking needs. The diversity will probably surprise out of state visitors that are unfamiliar with the cultural that has developed over the past twenty years.

One shop in particular called, Blown Glass Gifts, has a large selection of different glass blown pipes and bongs that could excite even the most seasoned of smoker.  That is something that allows for Colorado to increase its tourism market and many of its own industries.  Not many states could claim to be able to sell all of the state’s own products in their stores. Being able to do this strengthens a number of industries and allows for the shops to support the local economy.  Really this all started because there was a vibrant black market for marijuana and the state was able to corner the market by making it legal.  They realized that there was a ton of money to be made and by legalizing the drug, they could be more open about the dangers with kids and also raise a lot of money for the state through sales.  It was a great way of incorporating an illegal market and making it mainstream.  This not only benefits the people that live here through extra tax revenue, but it also allows for visitors to come to the state.  This in an of itself has created its own industries that could benefit the state.  Tourism dollars bring in a lot of revenue, so it works out well having this sort of option available for everyone that is interested in toking up.  As long as it is in moderation, no one gets hurt.